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supernatural au/spin-off : t e a m   f r e e   w i l l   2 . 0 

the vessel, the hunter, the cambion
“… and they will name cities after us”

claire novak → brittany robertson
ben braeden → drew roy
jesse turner → landon liboiron

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I don't want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow, far below

So if you love me
Won't you let me know?

Spn + Coldplay → Violet Hill
I don't want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow, far below

So if you love me
Won't you let me know?

Spn + Coldplay  Violet Hill

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achilaes replied to your post: am i weird for crying at the scene in …

noooo it’s not weird at all, the lorax is such a sad moving movie oH GOD

YES OH MY GOD the let it grow song was so inspiring

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i hope you feel better soon and I understand feeling unsure about your own creative abilities. I love seeing you on my dash. If you enjoy making graphics, make them when you're ready, we'll be here to appreciate them. =)

it sucks.. everytime i open photoshop and start editing i end up frustrated bc i see all those gorgeous graphics from other amazing people
and i’m like ‘you’ll never be able to be on their level’

and then i close photoshop and don’t even think about continuing

thank you.. i just hope that i get motivated again soon

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Anonymous asked:
Do whatever makes you happy! If it's making graphics so be it :)

no the thing isn’t that i want to make graphics or not

the thing is that i don’t know if i bring up the creativity that is required for making them anymore or that i have the feeling that no one actually misses me making graphics so i’m kinda searching for a sense bc this is frustrating

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i’m so sorry that i rarely did graphics in the last months.. i just spotted one on my dashboard and it made me think of my lazynes in making graphics.. i barely had time and photoshop elements is a pain in the ass for editing and creating graphics and also i feel like i’ve lost my abilities and the creativity for making graphics.. so i think there won’t be any new graphics in the close future

i mean i’ll try 

but i can’t promise that i will upload it because i feel really bad at the moment about this topic

i’m sorry

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